Statement by the Maldivian Democratic Party

Just received, 17.21, 7 February 2012:

We strongly condemn the coup d’etat that has been brought against the
constitutionally elected government of President Mohamed Nasheed of the
Maldives. Last night rogue elements from the Maldives Police Service in
conjunction with the supporters of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom
overthrew the democratically elected government of President Nasheed.
President Nasheed was taken to the President’s Office under the custody of the
security forces and subsequently resigned.

We also condemn the violent attacks carried out against our members by
the Maldives Police Service including Member of Parliament and our former
chairperson Mariya Didi and other MPs from the party.

We call upon the international community to assist us in establishing democracy
in the Maldives and protect the officials of the government of President
Nasheed. We fear for the safety of President Nasheed and senior members of his



  1. Val harris

    No one should be held against their will

  2. Peter Florence

    We send strength and support to our friends in The Maldives. Mark – are Amnesty motivated to campaign? At Hay in 2010 MN talked of his deep friendships with William Hague and Ed Miliband

    1. Mark Lynas (Post author)

      Yes, Amnesty has indeed issued an important call – see here. Thanks Peter – all support is greatly valued.

  3. Ali

    Be truth


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