Statement by British MP David Amess, Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group re: Coup in Maldives

David Amess MP, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group to the Maldives, has issued the following statement on behalf of the group. 

I was shocked and saddened to learn of the coup d’état inthe Maldives resulting in the removal of President Nasheed. When he took office in November 2008, it was as the first democratically elected President of the Maldives ever. He faced enormous challenges in underpinning democratic rule in the Maldives. There can be little doubt that, during his time in office, he worked tirelessly to improve the living conditions and general welfare of the Maldivian people.

It is tragic that, 20 months before the next Presidential elections were due; he has been forced from office under duress. During his time as President he had done all he possibly could to promote the Maldives throughout the international community and without any doubt ”stole the show” at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

There is now concern for his safety and that of his family. I very much hope that the British Government will do all in its power to ensure that he is not harmed in any way.

Statement by Hon. David Amess, Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group 


  1. Nash

    Thank you MP David Amess. Please, please, I, as a Maldivian beg you to free our nation from this torture that we are going through now. Ever since President Nasheed was forced to resign, Maldives had become a nightmare to all of us, except for a few who are close to the Dictator Qayyoom. On behalf of the general population of Maldives, I beg you to assist us!

  2. Aminath

    You don’t have any idea how much he harm our country..he arrested my son for four month without any dame reason..finally our court release him cause he arrested him for no many more you want much he wasted our money..

    1. Ahmed

      You liar., you are also one of them from the Maumoon Dictatorship. Even you don’t have children.

    2. Himbakko

      you go fuck your anni ahmed ! tok abt what you know ! anni is a bad leader and the majority of the Maldivians accept it ! only a few stupid ppl like you are trying to destroy this country !

  3. Kiddo

    I don’t suppose the UN would be willing to do anything about it though?
    It’s getting really bad on the streets 🙁

  4. ali

    Dear. Mr. David Amess,

    please find out what happened for him, why he have to resign, what you want to do for him, we have law we will go according of the law that he him self said that is the prefect constitution ,

    thank you

  5. shiyaz

    he is not very safe in here and this peaceful place is not very peaceful anymore after mohamed nasheed step down from government..

  6. Ali

    The current issue written on this article is not true. So will you please get true stories from Maldives. You know our former president Mohamed Nasheed has given unlawful commands while he was ruling the country. In addition according to his order senior judge Abdhullah Mohamed arrested and taken to jail for 3 weeks. Maldives National Defense Force who were leading near to Mohamed Nasheed says that MNDF never forced Mohamed Nasheed to resign and he resigned his own consent with no doubt. After that now he is trying to face the security forces and the citizen in a very violent way likewise with using knives, wooden cut pieces..etc. So it is better to every one if every one seems equal to one and another.

    1. tare

      first we need to get rid of the puppetry (maldives poilice and army) by the gayooms. these inhumane, barbarians are charging and attacking any mpd person as well as the president while walking on the streets. where is the respect and love for your own people let alone own kind. President Nasheed was our president yesterday, the police cant go on harassing him on the roads today. the idea was to bring a military control over the country and then take it back from the puppets and in to the hands of the people behind it. this is not acceptable at all, we have elections coming next year. this is not how you show your disapproval. we had thousands of unlawful things happening in the 30 years of gayoom, (if you insist president nasheed acted unlawfully) but never saw this kind of violence. mdp members are in the hospital, bleeding, they have been threatened for their lives by the police. if this is the role of the police, we dont want police here in maldives.we can take care of our selves better.

    2. Himbakko

      are they peacefully walking on the streets ? i dont think so, they started this ! i dont think if they walked nicely police and MNDF would have stopped them ! why do you guys lie marn ? such an unbelievable story 😛 hahah go check the videos out ! you ppl take only the videos of police kicking ur ass ! but we have videos of you ppl starting this !

    3. riyaz

      i am not an mdp menber, but i was marching with them, it was a peacewalk untill police charged on us without any warnings, any womens were badly injurd.

    4. fuck th judge

      that judge abdullah mohammed is a paedophile….i think u are also a member of the paedophile ring tooo…he deserves to be in jail…he should rot there….hes a bribe accepting corrupt person

  7. Moad

    The powers are divided into three , the judiciary, the parliament and the president , He bribed parliament members and gained majority ,only later it is that he would imprison the judge abdullah in order to seize the judiciary and obtain totalitarian control .It was also wierd that under his rule, violent criminals attack non violent protesters from the opposition . and many prisoners were released before his resignment .Mohamed nasheed also during his first year nationalised the most famous maldivian media that could reach all parts of the country TVM(MNBC ,during his rule ) and allowed to show only MDP approved broadcasts. I should also note that he was elected as the first democratic president with support from other parties which gained a 13% and a 15% and some more while he got only 25% , he promised that his goverment would be run by all who supported him but eventually eliminated them one by one ,days before his retirement he was talking about having plans to delay the next presidential election until he decides the judiciary. He was going for dictatorship under the hood of democracy . Its a shame he spread false news to the international community. Im sorry to say im ashamed of our former president he resigns for the sake of citizens and promotes bloodshed the next day !!! the opposing parties are now allied . the general population is against nasheed

    1. riyaz

      ur wrong, there are thousands of ppls with him, so better not to talk bullshit…

  8. Maldivian

    This guy Ali is a deaf,dumb and blind guy, with the romance for the former dictator Qayoom, ” Abdhulla Mohamed ” the guy he was talking about is a one member of the mob of Qayyoom. they hijacked the Maldivian Judiciary , these judges swear themselves to be the judges of the courts on their own accord , since when the law never exist to them to elect for judges .. and the most funniest thing is these mob lost their 22 days sleep for this Abdhulla Mohamed, to free him , they never have any concern for the Maldivian president who won the people’s election by 48 percent votes of Maldivian population, these corrupted judges who has the blood of the may innocent people , with the civilization of the former dictator and his gayyoomism has sent us to 30 years backward with this ruthless Police brought coup .. please help us

  9. Easa Shamih

    Save us, help us to get justice in maldives.

    Ex-president Maumoon who ruled the country for 30 yrs influence are still seeded inside everywhere in maldives, even the military n police are corrupated, beating everyday the innocent people and killing them now. There are doing really very bad to people. MDP n Mohameed Nasheed govt. whenever tries to save us from the old regime, sumthing goes wrong. We need help from all other countries soon as possible to save us n the future. Thank You

    1. aisha

      please send your forces here. or some other international peace making missions. until then, i dont think any justice will be served here and they will keep on brutally beating and torturing the people have arrested in 100s today from the MDP rally who are at the moment inside the walls of maldives national defence force and they brutally beat our chairperson and they stopped him at the airport from flying abroad though he was bleeding. and we are equally bothered about the safety of the poor members inside their walls. cannot even assume the extend of torture they will inflict upon them. please please dont delay it.

  10. kalaminja

    nasheed is back on the streets again to shed blood …. he must take responsibility for all the ‘action’ on the streets today and its casualties… he was leading and charging or string his followers to attack the law enforcing officers ( police). If you want to help Maldives from this political unrest, please take away your beloved puppet to the UK. the country will be all quiet again .

    1. Kamari

      We support nasheed. Please do something to protect us. Only few Maldivian pop nasheed.

  11. Sheehan

    Please save us…

  12. Ismail-thakuru

    Unbeleivable! Is this the only trajedy u cud think of before issuing a statement? No doubt he worked tirelessly, but only to promote the interests of his party activists and close friends. He has harmed my country in ways never thought possible before. He has undermined our constitution, the rule of law as well as our sovereignty itself. He has sold the future of our nation to earn allegiences and monetary benefit to his cronies. He kept justifying it all citing ex-president Maumoon’s actions, saying he did it too. Is this why we brought him to power? I think not. In truth he is a worse dictator than Maumoon ever hoped to be. It is appalling that you, Mr.MP, could sit silent when democracy was being raped by your so-called champion of democracy and when his so called ‘out of chart’ orders were not obeyed leading to his resignation you rush to support this dictator. Shame on you and your double standards!

  13. Marie

    We can very well see from the video who is shedding blood on the streets… it’s the paid Police and MNDf doing it. Our blood money stolen from us by the dictator Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom and his family during his presidency is now used to kill our brothers and sisters. We cannot call them our Police or our national force, they are con man of Gayyoom.
    Please save our nation.

  14. sujaa

    Mohameed Nasheedh is damn liar…he was in front of local and international media when he resign, why dont he mention he was forced to resign at that time……he was drunk when he resign…which is againts law in maldives…he should be punished ….he called Maumoon to not to get involved in politics after maumoon left office…get respect nasheedh

  15. sham

    the police and MNDF are beating and killing innocent men and women…save us from these animals…

  16. shahim

    Dr.waheed has no right to be our leader. He is the one responsible for all these protest. We are beaten by the police, they throw pepper spray and tear gas into the peaceful crowd without any warning. Policemen are being bribed. We urg you to help us. Bring peace to our country. I haven’t seen such a cruel day in my life. Please help us.

    1. Greenie

      I second you

  17. Hamdhaan

    Mr. Nasheed acted outside of the constitution in arresting a criminal court judge. For over 20 days he and his party officials went on joking on the matter that the judge would never see the light of day in court ever again. I believe it is the right of any president to think of himself the president of the country and not just his party. Sadly Mr. Nasheed as usual undermined the opposition against him. I am not for once saying the circumstance was right or wrong for him to step down. But for close to three weeks he had the chance to calm down the opposition protesters. He had the chance to think through. But he didn’t.
    He was never ousted in a coup. He had no choice but to step down. If he had been over thrown in a coup he would’ve never been able to go home and come back the next day provoking unrest. While stepping down he said its for the best of the people. And what do we see the next day? The whole country is in chaos, people, property being destroyed. And for what? Mr. Nasheed’s wish to keep Maldivians safe and calm.
    The media abroad would most certainly hear the level of violence that is being made by Mr. Nasheed’s loyals. But let me tell this. Most of Nasheed’s loyals are thugs and criminals who have been doing this the past several years. When thugs hit the streets the effect is much severe and can be seen.
    Nasheed has close to 40,000 loyals. But everyone else is much more educated not to create violence and havoc throughout the country. Trust me. Nasheed has support. But the opposition has a much higher of a number to win a ballot. They are just too educated and well behaved.
    The current government should do everything within constitutional powers to stop down these riots. And they have the right to stop all riots and violence.
    I feel sad how pathetic a few Maldivians are. Thinking that destroying the country up is fun and patriotic to Nasheed.
    If it was me, I would now sell this country to the Americans or British. I hate what Nasheed has brought to this country. Hatred, bloodshed amongst families, friends and more. 20 nights of opposition protests ended in minimal destructions while 1 night of Nasheed’s supporters brought a million times more.
    I hate Maldivians for being so narrow minded.

    1. Umar

      Mr. Hamdhaan, can you please give us the history of the verdicts this “Chief Judge of the Criminal Court” has been distributing like hot cakes for the supporters of the old regime of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and like wise give us the verdicts he has given for the President Nasheed and compare and see, you might find a very clear bias trend in favor of Gayoom and his Evil supporters.

      and you want the President Nasheed to give a blind eye and let it happen when 6,000,000,000,000.00 Rupees, my dear friend six billion of our monies he has been sitting on in his court, just because those monies are due from the President Nasheed’s Opposition.

    2. Hamdhaan

      He is the judge of criminal court. He has the right to pass rulings in whatever way he pleases. The constitution gives him the power to do so. As long as he stays within the constitution then it’s alright.
      Whether he acted in the interest of the former president or not doesn’t matter to me. Mr. Nasheed should have done whatever he did within the boundaries of the constitution. Not outside. Its would be a very dark time to our nation if no one respected the constitution. And Nasheed being the leader of this country could have done it in so many other ways. But stubborn as he is he failed to do so.
      So in short – the judge acted within the power he had been given through the constitution. Mr. Nasheed, not so much.
      I think almost three weeks is too much of a time for someone to realise he had made a mistake. Rather he preferred to mock.

  18. AnniGotFalconPunchedLikeABoss

    Oh look who wrote this Mark Lynas, the puppy of anni. bitch no uk forces are coming to maldives, and stop spreading false information you pig headed cunt.

  19. Sulthan Abdul Muhsin

    Dear Honourable Mr. David Amess,

    Please go through this

    May be you will understand a bit more..

    Yours Sincerly


  20. Fathima

    A legitimate government brought down in an illegitimate way. Our President Mohamed Nasheed Tells us to Be merciful an forgiving during the times of victory as well as to be patient and strong during dark times. I am with him, so are thousands of others because he did stand up for what is right.

    1. Mohamed

      How could you refer to Nasheed’s regime as constitutional. Did you not see the unconstitutional incidents that led to his downfall. Ok, here are a few to refresh your memory:
      * Held a judge captive without giving a reason (for 22 days).
      * Defied court rules to free the judge.
      * Openly mocked the courts
      * Possessed and consumed alcohol.

  21. Nazeef

    Our President Mohamed Nasheed is taken away from Presidency at gun point. he was forced to resign. Even the police, military and other parties were a part of it.Now they are attacking the local Maldivians. We are in great dangers. In need of help.

    1. Mohamed

      Really? Then how come he ordered rubber bullets to be used against the police and public. MNDF actually followed that order, but even then the people did not give in.
      Then he ordered MNDF to use live bullets against the people and police, which MNDF refused to follow. He even screamed and yelled. Yet, they refused. And he asked MNDF whether he should resign. They answered “Yes Sir”. That was why he had no choice. No guns were involved. Please check the facts even if you support him.

  22. Mohd

    Please sir, save our nation from these tyrants. Therez blood everywhere. Women are beaten by the police & national defense forces. They all hv been bribed by Tyrants like Qayyoom, Yameen & Gasim. The police are openly beating up random people who are innocent. We beg of u to save us from these power hungering monsters. God knows wat happened yesterday. Many were injured, rumor spreads that few killed. Even MDP senior leaders have been brutally beaten up. We little poor people beg u, pls help us from this police violence. Thank you Sir.

  23. .com

    stay out of this British cunts…

  24. Himbakko

    no no ! dont come along here ! Nasheed should have stayed at home. while during the last speech he said that he is resighning to bring peace back to the country ! now what do you think he is doing ? he came back again with the whole MDP and trying to fight back ? is this the way how he bring back peace ? we dont need any british or us forces to protect him or any of his supporters ! they are creating a big scene here on the streets !

    1. Umar

      If Dr. Judas Hassan Mark Waheed Anthony Maniku, thinks we the lovers of free and fair election is just going to give this so called president a walk in the park he is sadly very mistaken.

  25. Ahmed

    Those who opposed his rule had benefitted from the 30 year old regime. Some of the resort owners , tycoons enjoyed a tax free life but with the taxes in place and the common man getting direct benefits like health insrurance and basic need without seeking help from the super rich made them feel uncomfortable. They knew that he can never be beaten in an election so they paid off the armed forces & police handsomely and got this done….I challenge those who write against Nasheed govt , go for a public referendum or fresh elections …you will be beaten in style..

    1. Hamdhaan

      Afraid not my friend. Afraid not. If you think that having close to 50K of people is enough to win an election then you’re wrong. The effect you’re seeing on the street as your support is when thugs are out on the streets. Please take note that there are quiet, well behaved, educated people in Maldives watching the situation just as closely. And these numbers would dwarf the numbers of MDP loyals. We just don’t want to create havoc.
      And may I ask ‘winning in style’ is how so? As I recall from the first election held MDP had 27% of the popular vote. It was when you made a coalition you went and won, thats also by 54-48 (you dont have the coalition anymore) Then came the parliamentary elections. DRP coalition won that too. Although now some MP’s had moved away to MDP. Then came the counsils. Check how that went for numbers. You might argue that Male and big cities had been won. But I recall just 10,000 people from Male’ even voted for that.
      Hows that for style?
      Dear Ahmed, I dont know brother. You might be right, I might be right. Who knows? All I am saying is violence and rioting is never the answer. And Nasheed promotes this. All these years. His character says it all.
      And seriously, I am fucking sure that not even 1 in 100 Maldivians even know what fucking democracy is.

  26. Umar

    Is the International community going to stay firm on their butt and say “we are watching the situation closely” and do nothing when they know exactly who this “Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed” is, who don’t have a basic educational certificate to burn down a new born democracy, who has been bought and paid by the Traitor Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and his clown..

    Have you not learned enough lessons, not to buy the rhetoric’s of old rulers in the middle east and help us this little country get back to democracy and away from Taliban and Al Quida.

    Dear Western countries, India and friends of Maldives please don’t let this infant democracy destroy it self because few businessmen have bought the country’s Army and the Police.

    Aren’t we all still suffering because we let Usama Bin Laden buy Afghanistan and cause so much terror around the world.

    Do you want our Current president Mr.Hassan, Gayoom, Yamin, Gasim to just purchase our country and drive us to stone ages.

    OH world please help us get rid of this menace.

  27. Aishath

    During the time when the people asked Mr.Nasheed to step down, it was just Protesting. The protestors did not go into the crowds attacking innocent people. Mr. Nasheed said on his resigning statement that he is resigning to avoid bloodshed. But who is the hypocrite now? Who is out on the streets asking for his followers to follow him to start a National Terror?
    Protesting is understandable, but Vandalizing homes, shops and attacking police officers directly, burning down police offices and courts is in no way acceptable even though he is our former President.
    I do condemn the acts of Police Officers hitting the people, but their hands are forced to, as the people are attacking them even with Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, etc. Do they just stand there and watch while the protestors burn down the whole country? But sure, they could have handled it better.
    Respect what Nasheed has done for our country. But when things go against his word, the trust anyone had left for him is gone.
    And I am not a fan of Gayyoom or any political party either.

  28. Ansar

    Its good to know that the international community supports Nasheed! That surely will help us in our battle against dictatorship of Gayyoom and his people! President Nasheed is a true hero and the best leader a country can ever get. We are with you Naseed! 🙂

    1. Mohamed

      Why should the international community support him? He is THE man who corrupted our parliament. When his party did not get the majority in the parliament, he BOUGHT members for him party.
      He, with his party, prevented judges passing sentence on party MP pedophiles.
      The police beat the people for 20 days, on his order and his Home Minister’s orders. But you never said anything.
      He told the general public that the courts are unconstitutional, and so, should not follow court orders.
      He ordered the PG not to take certain cases to court, threatening a no-confidence vote against him.
      He mocked Anti-Corruption Commission, and defied the ACC.
      And many more…

  29. muaz ali

    You are totally wrong, he is wearing a democracy but he is an autocratic leader. we don’t want him, so we throw him out. and we wont let him come back.

  30. Moosa

    I swear to Allah that if Anni provokes any unrest in this country again, ill kill him myself.

  31. Maldivian

    Muaz you failed in your first statement, you are saying ” We ” to prove something you yourself want , that means what you yourself believe is the only Idea everybody has to believe like all dictators , UK is a smart country with smart people , one selfish guy who say :” We don’t need ” cannot prove the majority of an election ” you will see what mark lyna can do and what he can’t do in future . Just watch and learn to respect

  32. riyaz

    dr waheedh is a puppet.

  33. gazee

    former president Nasheed, resigned himself. as the speech given by him infront of the media, he was not at a gun point. the police officers were demanding not to give unlawful orders, and they keep demanding .. but nasheedh didnt hear them nor no body (commissioner, or deputy commissioner) wasnt able to say so. so it was not a coup.


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