Nasheed beaten up in Male’ – urgent appeal by Maldivian Democratic Party

Urgent Appeal by Maldivian Democratic Party

We strongly condemn the violent attack by the Maldivian Police
Service on President Nasheed and senior officials of the MDP.
President Nasheed is being beaten up as of now in an ongoing peaceful protest in the capital Male’. Mariya Didi and Reeko Moosa
and several other MPs have been beaten up and arrested.

We urgently appeal to the international community to assist us
in securing their release and to call upon the government of Dr.
Mohamed Waheed Hassan to halt beating up of unarmed and peaceful



  1. asd\\\\\\

    You called them unarmed when they first attacked police, burned police stations, courts, etc.!!!???

    ‘Don’t base your article on false rumours’

    1. peoples

      Well the police stations being burned after the police started people..Those whose age may be above sixty, sitting on the road..There protest wasn’t violent my friend..If you can’t digest it then don’t talk about it..It might had been someone from your family…Your dad or mom..Those people with the blue and green uniforms vowed to protect the civilians..Not to kill them..Some of the miss understood and arrogant people like you make stories without any thoughts…

    2. Andy

      This is what happens when a president being unfair to his own people. Nasheed have said overtly, during his presidency, that he will show his ruthlessness for anyone except his members. He has disregarded the constitution of this country. He has barred the Supreme court. He mocked the tradition and the religion majority of Maldivians have been following on and the majority of Maldivians, police and the army are now fed-up with Nasheed and his close corrupt insinuators. Its time for a new leadership to MDP to win the 2013 election to set this right and make reconciliation. Rajje TV is completely biased and wonder if they know anything about ethics when they propagate false information, even when a one year old knows that they are blowing things out of proportion.

    3. at asd

      “You called them unarmed when they first attacked police, burned police stations, courts, etc.!!!???

      ‘Don’t base your article on false rumours’”

      I was watching the live television while Maldives police attacked the MDP’s peaceful protestors.! Later protestors in attols started demanding the Police to leave their island cox they do’t trust them.!!

    4. "A Maldivian"

      “You called them unarmed when they first attacked police, burned police stations, courts, etc.!!!??? ”

      You idiot don’t you see tv, they have brought down the major television companies VTV,DHITV,TVM In to their hand, they all were showing cartoon while police attacked why ? this is democracy lol, dude you need to watch your mouth before you say something, only RAAJJE TV was giving live updates about the protest look what police did they killed the line of RAAJE tv so they cannot give live updates to the public lol.. and they also said “media” to go away from there why ? speak the truth, after tehey attacked only the people from atolls destroyed police stations i don’t really support MDP but the things happened over there was really bad, and it was really planned, waheed coming to president and so opposition party main protesters coming to minsters within few hours… !!!! finally you will realize one day they all we kill all your people and no one will know cause the media has been banned ! in maldives and your back to old days , 30 years of dictator ship. you cannot express anything now ! ….

  2. dsa

    asd.. are you delusional.. no police station burned when the protest started.. the protesters reached MMA building and police attacked without any warning, we have videos to show it.. you may be against anni, but the truth is truth you pathetic fag..

  3. asdasd

    mdp people are the ones who first started attacking the police and burning places and causing chaos . they are not peaceful protesters !!

    please don’t spread false news

  4. Azim

    The world is not blind.

  5. Maldivian

    The news is true.
    Please help Maldivians to get their peaceful life back.
    The whole place is corrupted.
    The police is beating up innocent lives. They’ve just forgotten one thing though. They are also Maldivians like us, living in the same land, eating the same food and under the same roof.
    Please help us bring our paradise back.

  6. Media

    Maldives police cuts the live feed of Rajje’ TV, few minutes after the clashes started. Police used extreme force on protestors without any warning, we have never seen these kind of behavior towards opposition party protestors.

  7. jj

    oh this is bullshit….he resingd on his own will…he said he did it for th gud of ppl…its not even 24hrs hez out with his party ppl vanderlizin civilian “OUR” properties…hez forcin polic t arrestd him so tht he cn claim against thm..hez a nut case…its his nature…he hs destryd peace of our country

  8. Maldivian

    The police brought the coup and they said they hesitated to face the rebels from police who were among the few hundred people, and now you see to whom they are facing ?.. to whom they are beating up? .. they gave a crushing blow to the infant democracy which was born few years back.. if you can’t help us now these help less people who fights for democracy would die and the allies of the former dictator will once again emerge from the ashes of stone age.

  9. ibbe

    Maldives need help our PM are beaten to death our president Mohmed Naseed the first elected Democratic president was treated like an animal and beaten up very badly and the national TV is saying he is safe the biggest joke. And police is getting to civilians homes and beating up MDP supporters. President. Nasheed was forced to resign pointed gun to him. This is the status of Maldives. Help us


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