MDP clarifies events leading to overthrow of Maldives government

Received 18.01, 7 February 2012:

The Maldives Democratic Party today issued the following information about the overthrow of the Maldives’ first democratically elected President.

The overthrow occured after small numbers of police and army personal, in response to a call from leading opposition figures, Abdulla Yameen (former President Gayoom’s half brother) and Umar Naseer (former security officer in the regime of President Gayoom), joined with a group of protesters in the centre of Male, protesting against the arrest and detention of a judge accused of corruption.

These police and army personel, especially those from the notorious Star Force established by former President Gayoom then, ignoring the chain of command, moved around the capital in full riot gear, attacking MDP headquarters and the houses of MDP MPs and government officials. Many MDP members and government officials were badly hurt. Some are unaccounted for. MDP-associated property continues to be attacked.

In this climate of chaos and fear, the rogue elements of the police and army helped to take over the main national TV channel, MNBC, replacing it with President Gayoom’s old TV Maldives, and also moved to take control of key installations.

During this time, ex President Gayoom’s allies moved to retake control of the army and police.

The opposition, supported by the army and police, then offered an ultimatum to President Nasheed: step down or be faced with a bloodbath in the capital.

President Nasheed thus resigned in order to protect the public from further violence. His resignation was involuntary in that he had no choice.



  1. Fajad

    That is a desperate situation – not least because of his climate change leadership. Please keep us posted on developments

  2. sola

    oh come on. its what the people wanted. he was never a good president, never thought of the people only votes.

    1. Judith

      I am wondering what evidence you could offer to support this claim that he did not have the support of the people?

    2. Aishath

      Next Election.

      He defeated his predecessor by aligning with 4 or 5 other political parties. there’s no coalition now. They are all supporting his vice president.

    3. GreenHearted

      @sola Most of us have no way of truly knowing what the people of the Maldives want, but it’s hard to believe that they wanted bloodshed and a military takeover. Is that seriously what you believe they want? At least they had a president looking out for their children’s future.

      “Be careful what you wish for, for you might get it.”

  3. Jul

    I’ve only visited the Maldives twice but am so frightened for the islands. Beautiful people, beautiful country.

  4. pauline

    This is terrible. One brave leader in all the world thinking of his people’s future and preparing for the climate collapse that is already beginning and look at what a piece of ignorant filth takes him down.
    Grow up people! We have more important things to do than to overthrow elected leaders who are making positive change!

  5. Bob

    I understand what happened, what isn’t clear to me is why? What prompted this coup?

    1. Hussain

      The coup was supposedly prompted because President Nasheed gave ‘unconstitutional’ orders to the Police and MNDF to arrest a Senior Judge who has had many charges (11 to be exact) against him for corruption, immorality and allegations of biased decisions and political affiliations influencing his decisions in court. This caused an uproar amongst the opposition because they feared that they will loose their power over the Judiciary. The Police and MNDF joined the protestors and declared mutiny even after Nasheed and high commanders and commissioners gave many requests to leave…

    2. Aishath

      Could you justify the locking up of the Supreme Court ?, Illegal detaining of Opposition Members, MP’s, and Chief Judge?

      Have we heard of anything called constitution? Were any criminal cases ever filed against these people? Were there any investigations? No!

      Were were the parliamentary group of MDP to question the Judicial Services Commission when things were going bad? Didint they fail on there part?

      What happened was bad. But a sequence of repeated abuse of power led to this…

  6. zaina

    this shows that our people are still living in 20th century. our people are not civilized. wanting a military regime with a puppet president.

  7. Júlio Reis

    Don’t be so harsh on your fellow Maldivians. “Wanting a military regime with a puppet president”… In things like these, the majority of the people are not involved. The demonstration and the riot was probably carried out by a few people—even if they are thousands, they do not represent the 394 thousand people of the Maldives. So, I do not agree that the coup is what the people want.

  8. Aishath

    I’ve witnessed all this. I voted for President Nasheed.
    But does democracy & constitution allows the president to favor his party members above the rest of country.

    We had to be MDP if we wanted anything.

    Could you justify the locking up of the Supreme Court ?, Illegal detaining Opposition Members, MP’s, and Chief Judge? Were any criminal cases ever filed against these people? Were there any investigations?
    No. Sorry. It was just the wish of the President! Released when he wanted.

    Awarding contracts worth millions to his party members were open corruption cases. No action could be taken. So why is he blaming the judge?

    Police had to dismiss most violent cases here as it involved the ruling party. On top, Rising inflation, Issuing of illegal orders to the security forces & a govt debt from 9 Billion to 23 Billion in 3 years is too much to tolerate.

    No one wants a coup! And I don’t believe it was. It was a popular uprising. After 23 consecutive days of protest by opposition. Police got fed up with violence from MDP side. They then joined the protesters… that 90% of capital police. then there was a confrontation between the Army and the Police… finally, Army officers started to defect and rest stopped and moved to there barracks… Everyone knew it was not worth opposing.

    Nasheed is still free, even after MDP protesters burned down tens of police stations, vehicles and court house…
    So please… Think, Investigate, Look both ways and don’t put blunt judgments. He acted as a corrupt dictator with backing from west and was nothing less then his predecessor.


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