How the Maldives coup was planned: explosive new video

NEW VIDEO: Opposition Pledged Allegiance to Waheed after late night meeting; called on Police and Army to Mutiny on 30 January at early morning press conference.

In the early morning of 30 January, following a late night meeting with then Vice President Waheed, anti-Nasheed protest leaders – Sheikh Iram, President of religious conservate Adhaalath Party; Umar Naseer, Vice President of former President Gayoom’s Progressive Party of Maldives; and Ibrahim ‘Mavota’ Shareef, Vice President of Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party; along with representatives of hard-line Islamist NGOs – hold press conference:

– They declare their allegiance to the then Vice President Waheed and request the Vice President to take over the government”

– They state that “President Nasheed is not the President of the Maldives anymore.”

– They pledge to take anti-government protests into a “second phase”

– They call on police and army to pledge allegiance to Waheed and “not to implement any order given by Mohamed Nasheed.”

– 8 days later, police and army mutiny with opposition support, oust President Nasheed and Vice President Waheed assumes office.

– Ex-President Nasheed has accused President Waheed of involvement in the “coup d’etat” that unseated him on Tuesday 7 February.

See video linked below, with English transcript underneath.

N.B. For subtitles in English, please click on the ‘cc’ button at the bottom right of the YouTube video (next to the word ‘normal’)


Sheikh Imran, President of Adhaalath Party:

In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most beneficent.


We had to meet at this late hour because the Government is acting out

of the boundaries


of the constitution to destroy the judiciary and disenfranchise the citizens


of the country, and because President Nasheed has indicated to us, clearly, that the 2013 elections will not be held.


(And so) we the Coalition of 23rd December has decided that from right this moment onwards, to step up the work we have been doing until today, to move things into the second phase.


The steering committee of the 23rd December Coalition has met and decided, unanimously, that we have to take things to the second phase.


(And so) we went to meet the Vice President, and having met him, we wanted to convey our decisions


to the beloved citizens of the Republic of Maldives.


Hence we are meeting at this late hour. Umar will convey what we desire and the decisions we have taken.


Umar Naseer  Vice President, Progressive Party of the Maldives:

Thank you very much. As you would know President Nasheed has, beyond doubt, contradicted the Constitution,


and he himself has said that, he has stepped out of the chart.


And that he will not hold presidential elections in 2013.


Hence, the December 23rd Coalition, all the different stakeholders of the coalition


and all the opposition political parties are calling out to the police and the army


to come out and pledge allegiance to Vice President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik


and not to implement any order given by Mohmed Nasheed.


And all of us in the Coalition have decided to pledge allegiance to Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik.


So on behalf of this coalition we are calling on the security forces,


to immediately pledge their allegiance to Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik.


As you know Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik was elected by a direct vote of Maldivians,


and has not acted contrary to the Constitution.


But Mohamed Nasheed has contradicted the constitution, gone outside the chart


and has said he will not hold elections in 2013.


Hence we cannot say that Mohamed Nasheed is the legal ruler of Maldives.


This is the decision of the Coalition.


Mohamed ‘Mavota’ Shareef, Vice President, Dhivehi Rayithunge Party:

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful.


We had met tonight with the Vice President on behalf of the Coalition


to let him know what we think.


We have let the Vice President know what our parties had decided.


As you might know President Nasheed is a huge threat to Maldivians.


If what President Nasheed is doing is not stopped immediately,


like what has happened in other countries, we fear


that this country might plunge into a civil conflict.


So we requested the Vice President to take over the government,


and we call upon the security forces to immediately start obeying the orders of the Vice President


That is because President Nasheed is not the President of the Maldives anymore.


He could have only stayed on as President, as long as he had not contradicted the constitution and does not contradict the law.


He is trying to sideline the constitution.


He is contradicting the constitution knowingly, and on purpose.


Hence, as Umar and our Sheikh Imran has already stated, and as we have repeatedly stated, Nasheed who was holding the post of President, is not the President of this country anymore.


We believe Kenereege Mohamed Nasheed has no legal standing to be the president of the Maldives.


He has undermined the power of the courts,


and completely abolished law and order in Maldives.


He has tarnished the sanctity of the supreme court of the Maldives,


and by giving illegal orders to the security forces, started injuring citizens.


So before we go to a scarier, more dangerous blood shed, we have asked the Vice President to save this nation.


In conclusion, I would like to call upon the security forces, (to accept that)


since the Vice President is a person elected by Maldivians, and should the president be incapacitated to perform his legal duties,


the Vice President must assume the duties of the President. (And so) we have decided that he has to start performing these duties.



  1. Irshad

    This translation is perfect and this is real video without any dubbing or editing. These guys are hungry for power since Mr. Nasheed was elected on 2008.

  2. hi!>

    “representatives of hard-line Islamist NGOs” please correct that Maldives is not extremist and does not support it. however exPresident nasheed administration did that in favor for there political establishment internationally. MDP the ruling party before used the nation to protect some of there top activist.

    1. pallu banjo

      This is dangerous to the world, as the coup is led by the Islamic extremists who are trained and supported by the Pakistan Taliban. It is well documented and established that taliban is spreading its wings by indoctrinating jihadis from the Maldivies and this country is going to be the kingpin behind all subversive actions of Islamic extremists the world over. Beware people of Maldives, your days of freedom are over. Buy your burkhas and get whipped.

    2. Mike

      hehehe get your facts correct. Look at the pictures of 2008 campaign of ex-president Nasheed. He has the so called religious conservative Adhaalath Party in front. Adhaalath Party was the front player in winning his election. ex-president Nasheed is a liar. He has been lying to his own people all along. Except a few of his cronies around him no one supports him and even now he is losing day by day. The coalition which brought him to power is not against him.

  3. Someone

    Say, one mad woman (someone you consider to be mad) comes to you and say “I love you and I will marry you” and the next day your wife leaves you, would you still say that that woman saying what she said is how your wife leaving you was planned?

    1. ThatOne

      And you would call that the perfect example for the current situation?? Or the coup??

  4. dheyo

    @Someone says:
    11 February 2012 at 4:45 pm

    What the heck are you talking about? Some kind of ‘anecdote’ thats supposed to make sense to everyone else because you expect them to have the same marital problems as you? We are talking about the State here not an individual.

    The coup was planned and the rogue members of the military helped enforce it. This video and others spreading through social media proves that fact. Many are against the current government, perhaps thats why Waheed will not go for an election, because he is certain to loose, even though thats what the majority want. Even the opposition at the grass roots agree that a re-election is quickest way to end this crisis.

  5. ashiya

    my apoint is mr nasheed was wrong since he came to a president …. he chease out is group at the early stage of his presidental his promises he forgot ,,,,….. his words are changed ,,, … he did only one things good only free medication in male right at the moment current;y did … old peoples 2000/ rf is already plained be4 itself

    1. anotherOne

      clearly you need medication or increase the one you’re already on if any, since those are the only good things you saw done under his presidency.

    2. Hilaalee

      Are you serious when you say maumoon planned to give 2000… maybe he planned it but unless he gave the money to the people no point in talking about it. He had been planning a lot of things according to his supporters…but we never saw any progress towards it.

  6. Mi

    A genuine questions to all political experts here:
    If “mr nasheed was wrong”, unconstitutional and authoritative, is a coup justifiable?

  7. Naj

    Well there is a new government. So deal with it. There is a vice president for a reason in a country. To take over when the president is gone. Look at the dame gaanoonu asaasi. Ya the the constitution of Maldives which was meaning less to anni

    1. Shahid

      anyone who is serious about commenting on this article, try to answer Mi’s question:

      “Mi says: 12 February 2012 at 12:27 am

      A genuine questions to all political experts here:
      If “mr nasheed was wrong”, unconstitutional and authoritative, is a coup justifiable?”

  8. rinky

    Prez Nasheed was going out of his boundaries and constitution even though his aims might have been good. The reason behind the thought of a coup was because the president went off limits and became too stubborn. His and his party leaders’ words were quite offensive. Lately his ways followed those of the president before him, Maumoon’s ways and was going his way rather than the way of laws. The opposition got a good reason to fight back because of this. Of course it would be a coup for the overthrown prez but for his anti supporters it is in the name of freedom and conquer from a probable dictatorship.

  9. Lucy Bingham McAndrew

    I’m wondering what Mark Lynas thinks the consequences will be for the Maldives in environmental terms, if any, since he had an advisory role to the previous administration. Does he think that this coup represents a legitimate discomfort with an administration to which he was affiliated? Does that mean that he accepts there were issues for the administration that required this level of reaction? Or does he think there is something more ominous afoot, something to do with the inability of good people to implement policies when they come into positions of power because real power lies in the hands, say, of business people, or people with strong ideologies who work behind the scenes, as it were.

  10. hassan

    You are wrong. Even though the video is the right one,you are trying to be one sided without being objective.I wonder why you and the rest of international Media is so desperate to save Mr.Nasheed administration.You and the rest of ‘consultants’ who came to Maldives has robed the people of this country.You are trying to portray Maldives as a violent nation to the others who dont have a clue what has happened.There wasnt any coup.It was the peoples will that Mr.Nasheed resigned from his office.So dont make a fuss here.Im sure you have more things to do rather worrying about Maldives and its people.

    1. Hilaalee

      It wasnt the people’s will. it was just the will of another power hungry opticians who used some people as bait and then used force against the Maldivians. Dr. Waheed today said that he told the people involved that they can have all the cabinet posts just leave the VP for him to decide. So we know it was just Yameen and his family being greedy yet again. Please dont include all Maldivians in this. There are a lot of people who are against what happened.

    2. Shahid

      Maldivians will not want to accept the fact that there are hard-lined extremist in this country.

      Just have a look at the booklet that was published by Muslim extremist Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) of Hassan Saeed (advisor to the current president) and Jameel (current home minister).
      One of the absurd claims made in the book:

      “Compared to the visits of Nasheed and senior officials of Nasheed’s government to other countries, visits to Islamic nations is disproportionately low. This reveals how small the importance of Muslims and Islamic nations is in the government’s view.”

  11. Jina

    Sorry to say this but maldives is a violent nation , the police and army brutality shows , i believe in what i see an hear dont act blind and deaf.

  12. hassan

    What’s so explosive about this video? They are talking facts. These people have nothing to hide. In fact this was a news conference.

    Ex prsdnt Nasheed was in conflict with the constitution of the Maldives. He was in conflict with the interest of the Maldivian people(not the minority secularists). Vice president took over. End of story.

  13. Hussain

    This country never was ruled according to the constitution. President NASHEED was the only president who got even close. If he could apply the constitution thoroughly, the corruption of the previous Dictatorship would surface. That’s why they got him out. And, 99% of the politicians are corrupted, specialy the minority parties. This is a fact, this is a two man country we know each other very well. We know how he got this money and that money. These are all facts which no Maldivian would deny. And we are not ignorant anymore, we see the whole picture very very clearly.

  14. nezupher

    This was definitely a coup, we voted Nasheed for a 5 year term , so what about the people’s rights?? Mohamed Nasheed is a great President, People’s President…

  15. Ali

    Anni is a dictator in the making.

  16. eltea
  17. Mahmood Riyaz

    Please help the Maldives!
    Some of the maldivians made a violence, and with the help of few of the police and defecnce soldiers
    I support for the Common Wealth’s suspension as a citizen of Maldives, its because of the evil actions of the 30 year old dictatorship along with fundamentalists(sheikh imran[had a relation with his own brothers wife], sheikh shaheem[he already had more than 1 wife and still on office abusing teen girls], buruma Gasim, Wahiddeen, redwave saleem, lolly Jabir, maumoons brother yamin [people benefited from 30 year o…ld dictatorship and got rich, who funded the mutiny on 7th february,

    it was a very fearful day, mutiny armed police and Maldives national defense force made their own commands unlawfully while president Mohamed Nasheed is the chief of them! president Mohamed Nasheed resignation was his and our luck[his the spirit of democracy in Maldives, thanks god] otherwise they were trying to kill or shoot him!

    But now we know that international Community is not blind and watching us and they do support for a democratic environment in Maldives!

  18. ranjit

    it was not planned it was the failure of president nasheed , if it was planned president nasheed is real coup, because he already promise for the mid term election for the maldives .


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