October 2016

Trump, Putin and the alt-right – the GMO connection

August 2016

Anti-GMO group USRTK attacks UC Davis scientists while refusing to answer questions about own anti-vaccination links

July 2016

Time for a compromise on GMO labelling

Why I’m sad to see the European Greens persisting with anti-GMO myths

June 2016

A plea to Greenpeace

Sorry but we can’t have a second referendum – here’s what we can do instead

April 2016

David MacKay – last interview and tribute

Deformed GMO Franken-butterflies? Not so fast…

UK’s top scientists slam Times newspaper over climate denialist stories

Sir David MacKay obituary

What David MacKay taught me, and taught us all

BBC dismisses anti-GMO activist complaints over Panorama film’s portrayal of Bangladesh Bt brinjal project

March 2016

Anti-GMO and anti-vaccination campaigns – two faces of the same movement?

February 2016

Bungling Brazilians fail to understand basics of Zika GM mosquito control technology they want to regulate

Another day, another Zika conspiracy theory

Alert! There’s a dangerous new viral outbreak: Zika conspiracy theories

January 2016

Despite Zika virus emergency, proven control using GE mosquitos held up by Brazilian red tape

Campbells is right – it’s time to introduce federal mandatory labeling

New research shows higher yield agriculture could lower UK farming emissions

December 2015

Philippines Supreme Court decision on GMOs is a dark day for science

The Petro Dictatorship

Wind power is not driving the UK towards blackouts

The right must face up to the reality of climate change

With G.M.O. Policies, Europe Turns Against Science

September 2015

Ecomodernism… and a plea for depolarisation

Peak Environmental Impact

June 2015

A good Anthropocene? – speech to Breakthrough Dialogue 2015

A Pope Against Progress

Africa must modernise its farms in order to fight hunger and poverty

The Maldives cannot represent climate leadership with an autocrat at the helm

May 2015

Monsanto makes the wrong choice – again

April 2015

How I Got Converted to GMO Food – New York Times opinion

March 2015

We must reclaim the climate change debate from the political extremes

February 2015

Even in 2015, the public doesn’t trust scientists

January 2015

EU GMO cultivation decision – science sidelined, but UK will get right to choose

December 2014

Have we been breaking more and more weather records?

November 2014

India’s coal conundrum: which comes first, the climate or the poor?

Nuclear or coal? – The German Greens have chosen coal

EU scraps science advisor role – now are you happy, Greenpeace?

Matt Ridley responds

On Matt Ridley’s latest attempt at climate change denial

October 2014

Mark Lynas plenary speech for International Rice Congress 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

Anti-technologists descend on New York City… by plane and car

Owen Paterson overdoes his attack on Greenpeace

May 2014

Bt brinjal in Bangladesh – the true story

November 2013

From the Catskills to the Cotswolds

October 2013

SIDA responds; scientists push for answers over funding of Golden Rice vandalism

Scientists challenge Swedish government over funding of Golden Rice trial vandalism

Why we need to label GMOs

August 2013

Using the tools of biotechnology to advance Borlaug’s legacy

June 2013

Is solar really four times the cost of nuclear? No – but…

GMO pigs study – more junk science

The past and future of DNA

Spanish translation of Cornell speech on ‘anti-GMO conspiracy theories’

May 2013

‘Like a bride left at the altar’ – latest news from Hinkley C

April 2013

Time to call out the anti-GMO conspiracy theory

February 2013

Golden promise: How ‘biofortification’ could soon be saving hundreds of thousands of lives

Professor Nina Fedoroff, Chair of the AAAS board – Q&A on GMOs

January 2013

Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ – the story so far

Response to UCS ‘Science, Dogma and Mark Lynas’

Don’t be fooled: man-made global warming does exist

Lecture to Oxford Farming Conference, 3 January 2013

November 2012

Do offshore wind turbines kill birds?

July 2012

Why Fukushima death toll projections are based on junk science

How land-inefficient is organic agriculture?

World’s first nuclear waste-burning PRISM reactor moves a step closer in the UK

June 2012

Friends of the Earth considers abandoning anti-nuclear stance

April 2012

The Royal Society gets it wrong on people and the planet

Where sea-level rise isn’t what it seems

North Korea – a stain on the conscience of the world

Fukushima’s impact on the ocean environment revealed

March 2012

A letter to David Cameron

UK environmentalists write to Prime Minister in support of new nuclear

Can solar PV really power the UK?

UK moves a step closer to nuclear waste solution

February 2012

How the Maldives coup was planned: explosive new video

‘They said, “we want to kill you… you will die today”

Nasheed beaten up in Male’ – urgent appeal by Maldivian Democratic Party

Statement by British MP David Amess, Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group re: Coup in Maldives

MDP clarifies events leading to overthrow of Maldives government

Statement by the Maldivian Democratic Party

January 2012

In defence of nuclear power

In defence of offshore wind

December 2011

The verdict on Durban – a major step forward, but not for ten years

COP17: Why the ‘Kyoto or bust’ positions must change

November 2011

Climate sensitivity – Could we be lucky?

Virgin Atlantic and ‘sustainable’ aviation

To Kyoto or not to Kyoto? The question for Durban

October 2011

Why land and water are ‘planetary boundaries’ – not population

Glaciers and water supplies – the climate connection

Why I will never be an ‘ambassador’ for the corporate biotech lobby

‘The Easter Island ecocide never happened’ – response to Jared Diamond

September 2011

The myths of Easter Island – Jared Diamond responds

‘Atlasgate’ – a victory for science

The myth of Easter Island’s ecocide

August 2011

How dangerous is the Fukushima exclusion zone?

Is Al Gore right to compare climate sceptics to racists?

Prospects for a legally-binding international climate deal

July 2011

Good reasons not to waste nuclear ‘waste’

Greenpeace and GM wheat: time to stand up for science

Debate with Matt Ridley on ocean acidification

The God Species withdrawn from Amazon – censorship?

The need for a rational environmentalism – speech at God Species launch

Biodiversity: the top-level planetary boundary?

June 2011

Geoengineering: why all the fuss?

The IPCC renewables controversy – where have we got to?

New allegation of IPCC renewables report bias

Questions the IPCC must now urgently answer

Germany, Italy, Greens, nukes and climate change

New IPCC error: renewables report conclusion was dictated by Greenpeace

Bats, birds and blades: wind turbines and biodiversity

How a nuclear disaster can be good for ecology

Feeding a world of 9 billion

May 2011

Why we should be careful what we do with Gaia

Fukushima: rationality vs emotion in policy-making

Welcome to the Anthropocene

Co-operative Energy to sell nuclear + renewables green electricity

Time to stop arguing and start decarbonising

The price of biodiversity: book review

April 2011

Reflections from the Major Economies/Emitters Forum

Time for the Green Party – and the Guardian – to ditch anti-nuclear quackery

Europe continues ill-advised rush to biofuels

Opening speech at nuclear debate

How much of Japan’s land area would be needed to replace nuclear with wind?

Seven days in Bangkok

Two degrees is out of reach

The 350 climate goal: dead or merely MIA?

Is Bolivia trying to destroy the international climate change regime?

March 2011

The dangers of nuclear power in light of Fukushima

Mark Lynas interview with Chinadialogue on Fukushima

The CO2 cost of delaying nuclear power by a year: guest post

Nuclear: difference between two and three degrees?

What Japan nuclear crisis means for global warming

Rebuttal of Amy Goodman scaremongering op-ed on Japanese nuclear crisis

What does the Japanese quake crisis say about nuclear power?

Thirty ‘Cartagena Dialogue’ countries work to bridge Kyoto gap

Aviation should pay full carbon cost in the EU system

Energy, poverty and climate change

What the greens still keep getting wrong

To nuke or not to nuke? UK energy choices to 2050

Why does the Guardian keep getting it wrong on climate and developing countries?

February 2011

GM cotton: suicide seeds?

A new-look